ISSRNC Statement on Immigration, Science, and Academic Exchange


Dear Members, Colleagues, and Partners, 

In light of the recent Executive Actions on immigration and scientific information, and in anticipation of our upcoming international conference in New York City this April, the Board of Directors of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture, would like to publicly reaffirm the values that shape and propel our community of members and researchers. 

• We share a commitment to science, scientific method, and data-driven scholarly analysis; 
• We believe in the importance of factual information and in the value of robust intellectual debate; 
• We seek to deepen academic dialogue, especially in expanding international and transnational scholarly conversations; 
• We respect the diversity of religious and cultural beliefs that animate societies around the world and take this diversity not only as a matter of fact, but as a valid and important characteristic of contemporary society. 

These values lead us to affirm that climate change is real, that it is caused largely by human activity, and that its effects are deleterious for human livelihoods, for future generations, and indeed for creatures and ecosystems worldwide. We further affirm that responses to the complex challenge presented by climate change require inclusive conversations that garner input from people from different social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. We believe that governments should be responsive to these facts and should craft policies that promote, not hamper, meaningful international dialogue about pressing environmental and political issues. 

In collaboration with the India China Institute and other organizations, the ISSRNC will be holding a conference focused on “Mountains and Sacred Landscapes” this April at the New School in New York. We expect participation from hundreds of participates representing many nations. If you plan to participate in this conference, but are concerned about how the recent executive orders on immigration will affect you, please get in contact with us at and we will work with you to ensure your participation. 


The Executive Committee of the ISSRNC 
President Sarah Pike 
President Elect Mark Peterson 
Treasurer Kristina Tiedje 
Secretary Evan Berry

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