Cecil Marshall

My area within the sociology of religion is the study of religion, nature, & culture. Contemporary pilgrimage, especially in Northern Europe, and its relevance to cultural and religious change, is my specific field of study. This study is informed by theories focused on pilgrimage practices, more than pilgrimage beliefs. The study of landscapes, perceived by some as sacred, and of memorialization is tied to the study of pilgrimage, and the subject of my presentation at the Mountains and Sacred Landscapes Conference.

Pilgrimage studies also encompass involuntary pilgrimages, such as those of asylum-seekers, as well the movements of peoples across landscapes and continents. The daughter of a European immigrant from Sweden, where I lived briefly as a child, I was raised in New Jersey, but spent many years in North County San Diego,  California.

Attempting to learn foreign languages is an avocation, so please greet me in your native language.

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