Jurij Dobravec

1993. State University degree Diploma in biology
1994 – 1997. Biologist at the Triglav National Park Authority (research in botany and limnology, databases and GIS management).
1998 – 2010. Head of Science and Research Unit and Unit for Informatics at Triglav National Park (strategy, planning, employment and budget policy; monitoring and coordination of research activities, system informatics, GIS management and comprehensive spatial analyses, EU projects’ preparation and leadership (Life, Interreg, Phare, …), Management Plans preparation; legislation and strategies on the state level (Natura 2000, habitat mapping, GIS development).
2011 – Independent researcher and writer in the fields of environmental informatics, nature preservation, ethics and culture heritage management.

1982 –  Church organist and choirmaster.
1994 –  NGO secretary general and project manager (association with official status of common importance to the state and nation).
1987 –  Pipe organ improvisation, silent film piano accompaniment.

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