Kip Redick

Dr. Kip Redick is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Christopher Newport University. Professional interests include pilgrimage studies, spiritual journey, spirituality of place, media ecology; visual, religious, and environmental rhetoric; and film studies. His specific research interest centers on the study of wilderness trails as sites of spiritual journey. Among his publications are:

“Spiritual Rambling: Long Distance Wilderness Sojourning as Meaning-Making.” Journal of Ritual Studies, Vol. 30/Num. 2/2016: 41-52.
“Profane Experience and Sacred Encounter: Journeys to Disney and the Camino De Santiago.” Environment, Space Place, Vol. 5/Issue 1/ Spring 2013: 46- 72.
“Wilderness as Axis Mundi: Spiritual Journeys on the Appalachian Trail,” Symbolic Landscapes, Springer, 2009: 65-90.
“Wilderness and Communitas: Pilgrims on the Appalachian Trail,” Visual Impact, Hampton Press, 2009: 45-62.
“Feet Forbidden Here.” Environment, Space, Place, Vol. 1/Fall 2009: 7-26.

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