Rajan Kotru

Rajan Kotru has a PhD degree from Ludwig-Maximillians University, Germany. Since over 30 years he conceptualizes, implements and steers policy and practice level research, conservation and development cooperation projects in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Countries: Watershed Management, Forestry and Livelihoods, Local Governance, Monitoring and Impact Evaluation and Institutional Building. He has numerous publications to his credit. He has delivered impact-oriented work for several globally operating institutions. He heads the pioneering regional programme of ICIMOD on “Transboundary Landscapes” being implemented in 8 Hindu Kush Himalayan Countries. He is also implementing the flagship transboundary initiative of “Kailash Sacred Landscape” between China, India and Nepal. He is member of some prominent regional and global forums apart from his advisory services to numerous South Asian NGOs and national state policy forums. He is richly knowledgeable on the mountain development issues and innovative solutions. He is Alumina of Daimler-Benz Foundation, Germany.

The India China Institute and ICIMOD have been partnering as part of ICI’s Sacred Himalaya Initiative.

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