Seth Auster-Rosen

Seth Auster-Rosen is a scholar-practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and PhD student in Philosophy of Religions at the University of Chicago Divinity School. He holds an MA in Philosophy from University College Dublin where he concentrated on Neoplatonism, and an MAR in Asian Religions from the Yale Divinity School. His scholarly focus is Mahayana Buddhist thought applied to Himalayan Vajrayana practices. He has written on a mandalic mountain on the Himalayan borderlands; the ecological history of sacred place in the Tibetan region; and the changing role of Boudhanath, one of Buddhism’s largest and oldest living stupas, as it has been absorbed into Kathmandu’s urban landscape. He is interested in the way Buddhist modes of thought applied to indigenous practices can inform the problems of a modern world in ecological and humanitarian crisis.

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