Titash Choudhury

I am presently a masters in the Department of Anthropology, at the University of Alberta. Within the arena of the changing environment and resource extraction, my research interest is on the politics surrounding the production and use of knowledge among various stakeholders. I am presently working on the geopolitics of climate change, developing hydropower projects and biodiversity conservation in the Himalayan Landscape. North East Himalayas can be represented as a resource frontier for its potential to produce hydro-power energy for the country’s economic development. The region have also been recognised rich in biodiversity and is increasingly being represented as a place of economic opportunities for both region and nation, but also of risks and vulnerabilities. Through my research, I interrogates multi-level discourses on how various actors perceive, portray the highly contextual politics of natural resource extraction in the region, but also encapsulates how it is influencing the human-environment relations

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